Always Attack with Two Troops at Once!

What this strategy basically implies is that you need to be patient. Rather than sending the troops individually in a rush, it’s a much wiser tactic to send them in pairs. But, for that, you need to wait for the elixir to charge up. Still, it is definitely worth waiting a little bit longer, as it improves your chances of winning!

By dropping your troops at the back of the arena, you are buying yourself enough time to make the elixir levels go up. On top of that, you will have enough time to plan both your defense and the attack, while being at a safe distance from the enemy.

Learn from Your Mistakes

You might not even know about this feature, but Clash Royale TV allows you to watch replays of the battles. By doing that, you will be able to spot the mistakes you’ve made in battles. On top of that, this feature also enables you to watch the replays of the matches played by some of the best players in the whole realm of Clash Royale!

One of the best ways to learn tips and tricks beneficial for success in Clash Royale is to share your experiences with other players. You can do this in many ways – by talking to your friends, discussing the game in various internet forums, etc. However, probably the best way of doing it is by joining a clan. This is something that’s not only possible, but very much recommended, for all players who have reached the King Level 3!

Clan Communication

Apart from being able to communicate with the other members of your clan, you will also be able to ask them for help when needed. What this means is that you will be able to ask a fellow clan member to give you a card that you need. The same goes the other way, for which you will receive extra gold, as well as King level points.

Make Your Own Perfect Card Deck

In most cases, the thing that decides a battle is the card deck. That is why you need to choose it wisely. Each deck needs to feature several different types of troops, so that you would be able to hit the opponent where he’s most vulnerable. In general, this means that you need to use one elixir for ground troops, one for a high-hitpoint troop, one for a flying troop, one for ranged, one for damage-causing spell, and one for countering

Unfortunately, most of other players are likely to do the same. This is why the best thing you can do is not to follow a pattern, as it would be too predictable. Instead, a much better advice is to come up with your own strategy. By having a tactic that your opponents don’t expect, you will have an immediate advantage over them. So, feel free to experiment and make the perfect Clash Royale Strategy!

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